From the age I could grasp a crayon, an affinity for art has shaped my life.  Coupled with growing up on the Peninsula, I pulled inspiration from an environment of hiking, beach combing, catching Coho and Dungeness crabbing. The abundant creative energy of the Pacific Northwest was the canvas that became my mind-churning tool. As a teen, creative programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator became a new found zen; melding and experimenting with drawing, photography and other mediums. 


Since establishing my business in 2009 and later graduating from University of Washington, I now reside in the Emerald City of Seattle.  Providing my contemporary background in Photomedia and Interdisciplinary Visual Arts, I’ve had the pleasure of professionally developing meaningful visuals for a diverse group of companies and organizations, to create imagery and graphic necessities that support the visual story my clients are seeking. 


Utilizing 10+ years of experience working with typography, imagery, color and design layouts, I strive to discover what works best, applying my knowledge to create exceptional work. With a heavy passion for photography and printmaking, I relish in mixing mediums to express, accentuate and  complete an idea. 


I strive to work on projects that could change the world for the better. No matter the canvas of the current project, the goal is to always be passionate and maintain perseverance; staying intimately involved in revealing the story behind each creative endeavor.


As an artist who is busy dreaming up fresh ideas, collaborating with others and constantly learning everyday, I love my work, and I hesitate to call it “work.”  I prefer the perspective of what I do as an exploration of creative thought. I’m always looking for a new adventure and pride myself in being a tireless advocate for creative thinking.